86, Margam Road,
Port Talbot, SA13 2BW, United Kingdom

Door Staff

When Silurian was formed in 2001 we were at the start of the seed change in the industry with the realization that the future was going to be regulation. All of our company officers have been involved in the licensing process from the very first faltering steps of local badges to full national integration.


Highly trained and motivated staff

Exceeding required standards and regulations

Robust incident reporting

Recognise trends to enable steps to be taken

We use the SIA licensing process as a jumping off point and firmly believe that we must exceed the standard, and as such insist that all of our staff receive additional training to the minimum the law requires. 

We have also identified that your staff are your finest asset so we do not attempt to produce clones that just drop in anywhere. We look at the strengths that each person can bring to our company, in addition to you as a customer and your venue. We support staff when on-site with our roving on-call managers who provide additional support when needed.

We insist that all of our staff have the most up-to-date customer service standards and work to your branch standard and the publics’ ever increasing expectations of the security industry.

We maintain robust incident reporting and mapping to assess any trends, and take action to address them as they arise as well as a positive commitment to a working risk assessment.

We will ensure that the uniform reflects your aspirations as a business and the level of customer care you expect for your venue is our highest priority.

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