86, Margam Road,
Port Talbot, SA13 2BW, United Kingdom

Loss Prevention

Loss prevention is a difficult balance between keeping watch over assets while maintaining professional customer service at all times.


Professional loss prevention and customer service

Risk assessment and deployment planning

Liase with HR departments on internal matters

Work with Police and agencies to identify trends

As part of our risk assessment and deployment planning, our staff will advise on product displays to ensure there is minimum opportunity for the dedicated thief, but maximum sales potential also. 

We will work with the Police and other outlets sharing intelligence on trends, attend all briefings and stake holder meetings on your behalf. In addition we will support any projects that hold exclusion orders for repeat offenders as well as operate your store net radio network for you.

Sadly there is also the aspect to loss prevention that does include your own staff. We will carry out these duties in a calm, supportive, and professional manner, making sure we operate within your organisation’s policy and procedures. If required we can take a lead in these situations or act as a resource for you H.R. department.

All of our staff receive training above and beyond the legal minimum of the SIA badge in deescalation, low arousal approaches and techniques, and also customer care.

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