86, Margam Road,
Port Talbot, SA13 2BW, United Kingdom

Hotel Security

Hotel security has evolved in much the same way as door supervision, but with the emphasis on customer services. Loss prevention from over capacity and environmental damage is a balancing act that our highly trained staff are more than ready to deal with.


Emphasis on customer service

Work with management and auditors

Loss prevention and protection against environmental damage

Staff trained above and beyond required legal minimum

Our focus is firmly on the right asset for the right task, staff are mindful of protecting your business reputation as well as ensuring that your customers feel safe and supported in a seamless safe environment. 

We work tirelessly with management to ensure that our staff are working to the venue’s standards and keep them briefed as to the target audit tasks that your own internal auditors would be looking for… which is of course a satisfied customer experience.

Carrying out our own mystery customer surveys our on call managers are in the field operationally to support staff in trading hours with advice and support where needed.

All of our staff receive training above and beyond the legal minimum of the SIA badge in deescalation and low arousal approaches and techniques, plus customer care.

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